Captain Zoom
Captain Zoom lands in Canada, right here, at Name Your Tune.
Your child is the BIG STAR when they hear their name in a personalized birthday song from Captain Zoom. It's the world's most popular personalized birthday song.

We're proud to be the docking station and bring you the personalized birthday song that inspired us as we created Name Your Tune. Eric Alper, Co-Founder of Name Your Tune, received a vinyl floppy record for his 7th birthday from Captain Zoom. Every year thereafter, his mother proudly dusted it off and brought it out. In fact she still brings it out, smiling at her own great memories and because she knows that he remembers it too!

Once you hear the lines, "My name is Zoom and I come from the moon to sing you this special tune - Hey Eric, it's your birthday!" you'll never forget it. Eric never did.

Captain Zoom Birthday CD Click to hear a sample
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We, at Name Your Tune, have met many new moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents who nod, smile and sing from memory their own Captain Zoom birthday tune. They don't need an explanation about how special the personalized songs of Name Your Tune will make their little ones feel. They know - because they knew Captain Zoom.

Name Your Tune is proud to offer Captain Zoom's Birthday CD as an extra treat for a special birthday boy or girl. Your Name Your Tune CD gives you the songs that you can enjoy all day, every day, any day. Captain Zoom will help you celebrate the most special and personal day of the year. It is sure to create and inspire lifelong memories in your family. We know because it did for us!

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